Who We Are?

We are veterans in betting on autosport events like F1, WRC or Dakar. We have years of experience with betting, compiling odds for bookmakers and even with competing on race circuits and rally stages.

Our Mission

We are here to share our experience with betting on autosport. We would like to share with you, where to bet and how to bet.

We are here for already active players betting on other sports which would like to try to bet on autosport events, but do not know our sport very well. 
And for sure we would like to share our experience with autosport fans which are not familiar with the world of betting.

Player protection first

Betting should be entertainment. And it is always very sad to hear that someone gets in trouble because of betting. On whatever you bet you can lose. And you should never bet more that you can afford to lose. This mindset is present in everything we do, say, write and create.

Independence and honesty

We belive that if our informations should really help someone, they really need to be independent and honest. Our reviews are not influenced by anything other than the best judgement, knowledge and analytical skills.

Autosport guru is an independent source of information about online bookmakers with relevant autosport offers. We are not controlled or owned by any sport bookmaker or gambling operator.