Azerbaijan GP – Preview and Track Analysis

Two weeks after Monaco drivers will be racing on the street circuit again. This time in the capital of Azerbaijan in Baku. Who is favorit? And from whom do we not expect so much? Well lets see in our preview.

Max Verstappen

After the Monaco Gramd Prix it is very clear who is the favorite. Circuits in the cities are very specific. The require very different way of driving and work with tire temperature. This is where Mercedes looks to be in trouble. And tho only one who can realistically beat Max by performance is Lewis Hamiltom in Mercedes. And if he will strugle, favorite is very clear.


We can expect to see Ferrari strong in qualifying again. Their car seems to have no problem with tire temperature. They might struggle again on classic circuits but in Baku everybody expect strong results from them. We still remember very strong qualify from Leclerc in Monaco. And everybody expect strong times again.

At the end look on track analysis of F1 world champion Nico Rosberg.

And who are your favorites? Let us know on our social media 🙂

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