Desert X Prix

And here we go. First ever race of brand new Extreme E is almost here. There is still so much questions about this race but lets try predict at least something.


X44 – Team of Lewis Hamilton
Sebastien Loeb and Cristina Gutiérrez. Sebastien has competitive experience everywhere. On WRC stages, on Dakar stages, on rallycross tracks and also classic circuits from WTCC. We believe this experience can help him adapt very fast to all challenges of new motorsport discipline. We still don’t know exactly how much important will be pure speed, endurance or orientation skills. However we believe Sebastien has really all experiences and he faced already every challenge you can have in motorsport. Desert E prix also should suit his team mate, Cristina Gutiérrez. Her Dakar background should be really usefull in Saudi desert.

RxR – Team of Nico Rosberg
Johan Kristoffersson and Molly Taylor. World RX Champion Kristoffersson, won his titles in a really dominant way. He also has good experience and results from rally. He is one of the drivers who can drive very fast with everything that has a steering wheel and four wheels. Molly Taylor experienced rally driver showed that she is also competetive against males it regional championships. Nico Rosberg belives that they have the best drivers. And we expect that they will be strong.


JBXE – team of Jenson Button
F1 star could really struggle in off road competition against drivers like Loeb, Kristoffersson or Sainz. At least in the first rounds. He has some competitive experience with rallycross but not on such a high level asi Loeb, Hanssen or Kristoffersson. On the other side because of big name in world of motorsport you can find interesting odds against him especially in H2H.




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