how to bet

Autosport betting guide from autosport guru

1. Choise trustly bookmaker with fair and wide offer.
Every bookmakmaker has some odds on motorsport events. But which one to choose? First of all make a small research about the bookmaker you want to choose. Make sure they accept players from your jurisdiction. About bookmakers with relevant offer of motorsport you can find more in section Bookmakers.
2. Verify your account.

You choose a bookmaker? Good. You made registration? Ok. Now is time to verify your account. This process is also called KYC (Know Your Customer). Some bookmakers can not accept deposits without verification, some will ask when you will try to withdraw your money. We highly recommend doing it immediately after registration. Even if they do not ask for it. 

3. Know variables of events you bet on.

Every race has its own story and own challenges. Know them. It can be road sweeping on some gravel rallyes or high downforce setup on slow tracks like Hungaroring. Rainy weather forecast for next race weekend? Great, maybe some good driver in not the most competitive car is the one to bet on. We are doing our best to cover all this important variables in our Event Previews

4. Bet on different things on different events.

It looks like we have some wild wet race weekend ahead? Well bet on safety can during GP sounds better than trying to bet on winner. Want to bet on the first short street stage of next rally? Bet on winning by less than one second seems also better than trying to bet on the winner. If you can bet only for the winners and podiums at your bookmaker, check our section Bookmakers to find wider offers.

5. Track your wins and losses.

Especially after multiple deposits and withdrawals it can be quite difficult to know how much you won or lost. Track your balance and be sure you do not lose more than you can afford.

Bonus advice

Bonus advice will be about bonuses. Bookmakers all around the world spent millions on them. Bonuses are a marketing tool of bookmakers and they usually use it as a loyalty reward or welcome gift. All bonuses which you can use on autosport events and it is worth it to use you can find in Bonuses.

And Remember!

Drivers you are betting on are not immune against crashes, technical issues, punctures or any other kind of problems that can ruin your bets. 

Do not see betting as a way to make money. See it as a way of entertainment. As a way to be part of the story, that you will watch on race weekend.