Rally Sardinia 2021 – Preview and Onboard

Rally sardinia. Traditional, hot, sunny, dusty event with quite slow and technical stages. It is a massive disadvantage to start at the front on these stages. Every car makes the road cleaner and cleaner which makes them faster. Who will be strong on Sardinia? And from whom do we not expect a lot there? Well let’s see in our preview.


Hyundai and Neuville
Hyundai were always strong in Sardinia. Cars on rough stages have to be high. And Hyundai works the best with a high setup. They won there four times in the last five years. But who to pick from Hyundai drivers?

We don’t think it should be Dani Sordo. He will start 6th, which is much earlier than previous years and for example Tanak starts 4th. So the starting position will not be so different. He will also have to let his team mates pass if they will be first and second. He doesn’t need to take points to the drivers championship as he starts only on selected events. But definitely he is a good candidate for the podium.

We could see the fight for victory finally between Tanak and Neuville in the same cars.
Ott Tanak is getting more and more familiar with his Hyundai. On day 2 of Rally Portugal he looked as strong as he was in Toyota in previous years. On the other side Neuville as 2nd on the road was able to fight with his teammates which had better starting positions. Also short, slow and narrow roads definitely suit to driving stille of Neuville. And odds 4.00 on him seems to be better value than 2,85 on Tanak.


Same story as in Portugal or Arctic Rally. Sebastien will struggle with road cleaning. He took 3rd place after problems of Neuville, Rovanpera and Tanak. If the roads stay dry he might struggle to get in the Top5.

Possible surprises:

If there is someone who can surprise us with good result it is Teemu Suninen. He will have a better road position than last year. And last year we could see him 2nd after day 1. Then he dropped down because of the lack of power of his engine but this problem looks as solved as Ford drivers took some podium times on previous rallies.

At the end enjoy some onboard action of a legendary Monte Lerno stage.

And who are your favorites on Rally Sardinia? Let us know on our social media 🙂

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© photo – hyundai motorsport

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